Nomination process

The prize is awarded to a person who has developed a new research-based business. The award may be granted to a person who:
– is under 40-years-old,
– is a full-time entrepreneur,
– has a new business based on research
– has an early stage business (turnover is less than € 10 M)

The competition defines a researcher entrepreneur as a person who is a full-time entrepreneur and has previously worked as a researcher at a university or research institute. The business has been established within the last five years and employs at least one person, in addition to the owner entrepreneur. The competition especially commends entrepreneurs that have demonstrated the ability to utilize research findings in a new way.

Nominations for this award can be made by all interested persons or organizations. Entrepreneurs are nominated for the prize by completing a form that is to be signed by the nominator. The form may be supplemented by additional material that describes the business.

Nominations should be sent by 31.12.2019 to info(at)

The form in pdf format: Young Researcher Entrepreneur (Download the form to fill it out on your computer.)
The form in MS Word format: Young Researcher Entrepreneur