Household appliances to be the alarm systems of the future

Bosch Venture Forum in Stuttgart, 16 June 2015
Francescantonio Della Rosa and Ekin Labs Oy have realized that any smart device with a Wi-Fi connection can be changed into a motion sensor. This solution can bring security to billions of homes.

The idea came in the middle of a lecture. Tampere University of Technology researcher Francescantonio Della Rosa found that the presence of humans interfered with the connection to the WLAN base station. Once the lecture hall was empty, the connection once again functioned properly. Della Rosa, together with his electronics and information technologies research group saw a solution in this problem.

Now Della Rosa is the CEO and one of the founders of Ekin Labs Oy, which was established in 2013. Ekin Labs adapts existing Wi-Fi networks into intelligent alarm system smart phone apps. Dubbed Hi WiFi, this solution does not require any new investment or maintenance of existing systems. A download of the application is all that is needed. In addition to securing lecture halls, Ekin Labs secures homes by changing the increasing number of smart devices around us into motion sensors.

“A home should take care of people, not the other way around. Everyone should feel safe at home. When any smart device, a television, a car or a washing machine can be changed into a motion sensor at the touch of a button, many more people have the opportunity to secure their homes. Safety is a state of mind – a feeling that your home is a safe environment,” says Della Rosa.

Result: Security systems in every home
The application offers a motion detection system for any private or public area with a wireless network. The software turns any WiFi connected device into a security device. According to the founder, this application can bring motion sensor security into billions of households.

“At first we did not realize the tremendous potential of our invention. Often technology is talked about in the future tense, but this is not the future. Almost everyone already has the necessary technology at home. Hi WiFi will change the world today, not tomorrow.”

Earlier this year, Hi WiFi won the CES Innovation Award. Della Rosa is currently in the United States at NASA Laboratories developing Hi WiFi and potential applications.

Three reasons to vote for this idea?

  1. “When I woke up in the morning, the first thing I thought about was Hi WiFi research. Hi WiFi is my baby. I believe that is my legacy to the world.”
  2. “I have the ability to lead people and get them to see the potential of my innovation. I have a great team behind me, whose brains are in Finland. All of our researchers and engineers are from Finland. I care about them and I want to take care of them.”
  3. “Everyday I find something that I can do better.”