A home treatment that can add up to seven centimeters

Harri Hallila and Synoste Oy have developed a new kind of treatment for leg extension that utilizes electromagnetism. This new technology allows the leg to be extended up to seven centimeters in one treatment.

Harri Hallila is biomedical engineer with a Master of Science from Aalto University and the Managing Director of Synoste Oy. He is also an experienced at lengthening bones. That’s right, lengthening bones.

“The current treatment method is painful, spikes and cables go through the skin and muscle to the bone, which also increases the risk of infection. As a result, this uncomfortable treatment is stopped as early as possible, which then increases the chances that the bone will fracture. From the very beginning our team has been motivated to solve this real problem. We wanted to modernize this type of treatment – and replace this torture device like metal frame,” says Hallila.

More than 70 percent of people have a slightly different length legs. An extension of the legs is recommended when the difference is more than 1,5 centimeters. This difference in length causes back and hip pain as well as posture problems. Aiming for international markets as soon as possible, Synoste has developed a smart implant that is implanted into the bone. This Finnish company offers the first solution in the world to utilize smart materials and technology for the treatment of malformations.

Result: Painful treatment turned into a painless home treatment
This new type of treatment not only improves the quality of the bone lengthening treatment, the patient experience but also impacts healthcare costs. Synoste is a pioneer in home care. Instead of a hospital bed the treatment is carried out at home. Synoste’s device can store and send data and even inform the doctor if the patient is not using the device properly.

“Our home care devices are small, lightweight and can be put aside after the treatment. We did not want introduce a large and visible device into our patients’ homes, which would continuously remind them of their illness. Our device is like a small life preserver around the foot. “”

Three reasons to vote for this idea?

  1. “I have the courage and the inherent drive to put myself in uncomfortable situations and solve challenges. Extending the bone is one of the most difficult orthopedic treatments. Solving this problem presented us with great material and technological challenges.”
  2. “I am a natural leader and an entrepreneur. From my days as my hockey team’s captain to today I have always been in leadership positions. I want to find challenges and leave my mark on the world. It is fantastic that I have a team that follows my vision.”
  3. “I’m not afraid of commitment. In my private life my wife and I have had a long journey even though we are still young. In my work life I have focused eight years of study and research on Synoste and I am ready to work on it for the decades to come. I believe that I have an unusual perseverance. This is required to be an entrepreneur in the medical technology field.”